Riello Oil Burners

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Riello oil burners have been manufactured for over 80 years. During this time the company have developed burners that have become synonymous with reliability and efficiency. Most homes with an oil-fired heating system can achieve more than enough heat with Riello burner with an output range of between 15 and 35kW. The RDB series of the 40 series would be excellent choices. You can purchase a new Riello RDB or 40 series for less than €350 / £300. There are options for use with a central heating only system, or a ‘combi’ system that also provides instant hot water.

Apart from the excellent reputation these burners have for reliability and efficiency, these burners are well-liked by installers and maintenance technicians. Why? Well, they are easy to work on and parts are readily available. This is significant, because you will want to have any installation or maintenance work carried out quickly and with as little fuss as possible, so that you are not without heat or hot water for any long periods.

You can visit Riello’s website and find out what burner would be suitable for your particular system. Another option would be to visit the website of one of the reputable Riello suppliers and provide them with some information about your buildings and your heating system. They will want to know your boiler type and size, the name and model of your existing burner, the area of your building (in square feet or metres) and/or the number of radiators to be heated.

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