The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating with water pipes is more energy-efficient than radiators because it can be set at a lower temperature than radiators and achieve the same level of heating. For new builds or sizeable extensions, water-based underfloor heating make s so much sense.

Underfloor heating exists in two forms, water and electric. The water system (which is the one we supply) is heated by the central heating system and can be fitted in new builds or anywhere that new flooring is being installed. This is because the pipes have to be embedded into the flooring.

If you are building an extension you can add the water pipes for the underfloor heating to the existing pipe network for the radiators. However will only work where the new area of flooring is small. For larger areas, you need to set up a system independent of the existing radiator pipework. And in that case you would also more than likely require a new or adjusted boiler in order to meet the hot water requirements of the additional piping. In any case you should check with your supplier of contractor to see if your existing boiler set up can provide the necessary water water.

Regulating heat

Installation of the water underfloor system costs more than a standard central heating system with radiators. Also, hot water underfloor heating does not respond as quickly as radiators – it takes longer to heat up and longer to cool down. Nevertheless, the comfort created by underfloor heating and the lower running costs are huge advantages.

Most floor finishes are compatible with underfloor heating. Stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles are ideal, as are most timber finishes. When it comes to timber flooring, however, you should check with your supplier to ensure you have the correct specification for your system as there can be issues with boards cracking or buckling if the temperature gets too high. Investing in insulation will reduce this kind of heat build-up and keep running costs to a minimum.

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